Gull(ability) - 2008
Individual vs society.  Gull(ability) asks how we make choices and build our surrounding. Inspired by Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach. Music edited by Benjamin Oyzon.
Evening length work (50 minutes)
Performance video available

Right Before You Fell - 2007
An eccentric and lively evening playing between the lines of what we say, and most importantly what we do not say.
Live music, text and highly physical dancing
Evening length work (60 minutes)
Performance video available



Mapping Home – a dance work of dinners and conversation, mapping choice.
An always changing evening created from interviews with individuals about their own ideas of Home. Uses both venue-local, community collected interviews and a series of interviews taken during the Kickstarter funding process of the work in 2010.
Evening length work with conversation (50 minutes)
Performance video available

My Steps Towards You

is inspired by the final moments of Odysseus’ journey home to his wife, Penelope.   The choreography combines grounded and dynamic power with intense stillness as used within martial arts techniques.  Leaving for work in the morning, Odysseus is dapper and calm; yet, as his environment unravels, so does he. In a physicalized Greek “chorus” guest martial artists of varying styles dive, vault and attack Odysseus, Penelope and one another.

In an age where one could peacefully leave for work in the morning, but find the world crumbling around you by 10:30am -- the fight for the way home, and appreciating what solace it can bring, becomes a part of survival and existence.

Length: 30 minutes
Performance video available



Lust (or The Virtue of Lust )
if a Virtue was seen dancing alone in her bedroom...
an aerial solo in a double slung hammock (two points of rig).
(Original work commissioned by Cirque Boom)

Length: 7 minutes
Performance video available

Girl Talk
if the voices of Donna Summer and Barbara Streisand could dance on air...
an aerial duet in a double slung hammock (two points of rig).

Length: 5 minutes


(10 minutes or less)

Next Step Left
a text based duet in which a couple are speaking as though they are ending their relationship and one of them is leaving. However, the partnering clearly speaks of two people who won’t be leaving any time soon! *

Standing Room
comic text based romp with two individuals attempting to be "on the same page" or standing in the same spot at the same time. *

Ask Me Anything
a comic text piece in which a job interview is going incredibly awry — the performer climbs on the laps of the audience.*

Curves and Questions
text based, exploration of the repetitive nature of romance and a woman's thoughts in a single moment standing in the rain in New York City.*

In the Lady's Words
7 minutes of spinning  - inspired by the passion and drive of Lady Macbeth
Available to discuss developing into a longer work.

The other thought
A trio with stillness. A woman explores after-thoughts and how we might be willing to take back what has already been said or done.  Minimalist with extreme attention to detail and articulation. Rehearsal and performance video available

A New Myth with a Tower (for stage or site-specific) a creation myth using Gaia (Mother Earth), the fairytale of Rapunzel and some serious creative freedom – the myth was written specifically for this collaborative work with sculptor, Ruth Borgenicht.

Cooking, Hands and Other Things....
text based memories of a beloved great-grandmother and her maternal feelings about a boyfriend.*

a simple, constantly spinning piece inspired by the writings of Rumi.
the choreographer's reaction one year after Sept. 11, 2001. (Commissioned by Dixon Place’s “AfterImages” performance)

Mental Notes
a tripped up example of how our brains freeze just a little bit right before… first telling someone that you …..

*works are written by Melissa Riker, Text is available upon request.


 These works are all able to be re-created, please Contact us
if a particular theme or work catches your interest



These works were made possible in part by grants from the Puffin Foundation, the Bowick Family Trust, the Kinesis Project Founder’s Circle (Emily and Tony Seaver, Lorraine and Bob Riker, Laura Seaver and Tom Grenon) and an a successful Kickstarter Campaign and many other generous individual donations. Works were developed at residencies at Gibney Dance Center, Joyce Soho, 92nd St Y, Kaatsbaan International Dance Center and Omi International Arts Center.